Hurricane Jose a potential threat to US East Coast next week

Posted September 14, 2017

Beyond the maneuver, forecasters don't agree on where Jose will eventually go in the Atlantic, with the current National Hurricane forecast calling for it to move to the north-northeast by the beginning of next week.

The storm is now 655 miles northwest of Puerto Rico moving east at 6 mph, and is expected to loop to the southeast and southwest before it heads northwest by Friday.

Hurricane Jose was several hundred miles north of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sunday, with maximum sustained wind speeds of 130 mph.

With all the attention focused, rightly, on Hurricane Irma and the damage she has done, do not forget that there is a second hurricane still churning in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Irma left a deadly wake in the Caribbean islands before slamming into the Florida Keys early Sunday, then pushing north through Florida.

But Hurricane Jose is in the Atlantic near the same spot Irma was when computer models were pointing it directly at the SC coast, leading many to worry about whether another tropical punch is coming. Of 20 runs of the GFS model ensemble forecast Monday morning, 25% resulted in an eventual landfall in the USA, and another 25% in Canada.

However, whether the hurricane hits the Canadian shores or not will depend on the timing of the frontal boundary and the strength of the high pressure ridge, Hull explained.

There are now no watches or warnings with Jose or Irma.

But the European computer model, the one that was most accurate tracking Irma as it moved closer to landfall, shows a turn back towards the Atlantic beginning some time Saturday.