Meghan Markle gives Aritzia a boost after Invictus Games dress choice

Posted September 30, 2017

Prince Harry's girlfriend was surrounded by bodyguards during the Invictus games, giving her a taste of what life as a royal will be like if she and the young royal get married.

Harry created the Invictus Games two years ago as a sporting event for the wounded or ill servicing members of the military along with veterans.

The footage had Prince Harry immersed in a conversation, while the little girl next to him sitting on her mother's lap chose to invite herself to taste some of the popcorn.

The entire incident was caught on video because, well, when are there ever NOT cameras on Prince Harry?

Sitting on her mum Hayley's lap, the cheeky bub waited for the Prince to look away and start talking to the man next to him before quickly dipping her hand into his popcorn box.

He then chats with her and her mother and other neighboring spectators.

After that, succumbing to Emily's charms, Prince Harry made a decision to share his popcorn with the adorable toddler. He then proceeded to feed Emily more popcorn and entertain her by pulling faces.

Throughout the exchange, Harry pulled amusing faces, laughed and played games with the little girl and all in all, sent hearts racing across the world.