Pets rescued from Hurricane Harvey arrive in Rancho Santa Fe

Posted September 08, 2017

The dogs and cats, which were shelter animals in Harris County, Houston, Baytown and San Antonio, were shipped to Dallas and Tulsa to make room for the hundreds of animals that would be rescued following the hurricane. "We have our emergency shelter, but with 300 dogs and cats, it was pretty intense".

As Florida residents prepare for Hurricane Irma, pet owners in the state will need to take extra precautions to help their animals.

BAHAMAS Humane Society Shelter Manager Percy Grant said yesterday the rescue organisation's shelter facilities have reached maximum capacity as the country braces for the effects of Hurricane Irma. Animal rescuers learned lessons during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when animal shelters were full, forcing many abandoned animals to be taken to out-of-state shelters where reunions with owners were much more hard. "These animals, they knew ahead of time, so they were already making preparations to relocate".

Officials warned that pets should not be taken to animal shelters with the idea that they can board there during the storm.

Alex Irvin, Director of Marketing at 1-800-PetMedsĀ® explains, ?This catastrophic storm and its aftermath have impacted countless people, families, and pets.

Barr said she has done research and has found out, for some reason, there are more strays in the south than they have up here, so that also made sense to get them up here, where she has a high adoption success rate.

"Those were well-intentioned animal effort rescue efforts, but moving animals away from their families has a lasting impact", she said.

Even if you are unable to make a donation, volunteer to help, or foster a pet, you can still help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts by sharing links to the above mentioned rescue groups now working tirelessly to come to the aid of people and pets in need.

Volunteer pilots use their own planes, and the group also uses chartered cargo planes for animal evacuations.

The Charleston Animal Society is relocating almost 700 animals to facilities in Aiken, Greenville, Charlotte, Pennsylvania and other places.

The animals will be available for adoption beginning September 7, Shorey said.

"We just really just have such a passion for animals, that if they have a need for us to take two or three then we would do that", Wipperman said.