Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has More Content Compared To The First Game

Posted September 28, 2017

It will feature more heroes and villains, vehicles, planets, a campaign mode and space battles.

Star Wars Battlefront II will be available worldwide on November 17, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC. In addition to being among the first to play a brand new game mode, players in the beta will also get the opportunity to take control of the legendary Darth Maul, ripping and flipping through waves of AI-controlled opponents. Perhaps most impressive is that EA claims Battlefront 2 will pack triple the number of locations, heroes, and vehicles over the first Battlefront game.

The multiplayer maps include: Death Star II, Kashykk, Ryloth, Jakku, Endor, Hoth, Kamino, Starkiller Base, Yavin 4, Mos Eisley, Unknown Regions, Naboo, Takodana and Fondor. Players will also be able to setup Battle Scenarios to practice specific skills. On PC, you'll play through Arcade alone, but console players have the ability to play these matches in local split-screen mode with a friend. The single-player has a different set of locations, such as Bespin, Sullust, Pillio, and Vardos. There's no question that EA and DICE have poured a lot more into this sequel than you might have originally expected, although some changes might not sit too well with you.

Arcade works as a quick pick-up game or as a way to test new class builds before you try them online.

There's a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, and Electronic Arts (EA) is looking to leverage the hype surrounding that film to fuel a spectacular launch for Star Wars Battlefront II. The beta opens to the public two days later on October 6 and runs through October 9.