Super Mario Run Update to Add New Character, Mode, and World

Posted September 26, 2017

On September 29th, Nintendo will rollout out an update to Super Mario Run that brings support for playing as Daisy and a new World called World Star, which features nine new levels and comes after you complete worlds one through six. Nintendo is hoping to change that next week, however, with a major update to Super Mario Run, as well as a steep price cut... Daisy will be Super Mario Run's seventh playable character, not counting the Yoshi color variations.

Finishing stages and grabbing medals in Remix 10 mode also gives you the chance to collect new items to decorate your Mushroom Kingdom - and eventually rescue Princess Daisy. The new levels contain new enemies.

The new mode, officially called Remix 10, has players running 10 second levels in groups of 10.

We haven't seen much in the way of upgrades since the game first appeared at the end of 2016, but the new features might be enough to tempt some gamers back to the title or even get a few Mario fans playing it for the first time. With this news of updates, Nintendo seems to be becoming a more conventional mobile game publisher. When they do so, the character will wear headphones to signify the music. On that day up to October 12, Nintendo will celebrate its release with a 50 percent discount on the price of the game. You could play through the first world all you wanted, or you could play $9.99 to unlock the entire game and play at your own pace.

Recently, Nintendo announced that Mario is no longer considered a plumber, noting in an updated profile of the character that he worked as a plumber "a long time ago".

It's a big update and price cut, and one that must have undoubtedly been in the works, as it seems a quick pivot to offering additional content almost a year out after the game's release on December 15, 2016.