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Posted September 13, 2017

Would you use more advanced one if it was available? Read on and find out. Apple will start taking orders on the new Apple Watch this Friday the 15th of September and it will launch on the 22nd of September.

The watches are priced from US$329 in the US. Which makes sense, since it's still a young market.

In announcing the new device, Apple's Tim Cook proclaimed that the company is now the world's largest watchmaker, having recently surpassed Rolex, a figure that The Verge said is likely based on revenues. It will also display other details such as resting rate, recovery rate, and more.

"You can receive a call with just your watch", Apple's Jeff Williams told the event, where the company was set to announce a new range of iPhones. Apple says third-party apps will work over cellular as well, and next month it will be possible to stream Apple Music content from the wrist.

And Siri can talk through it now, too.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has the potential to extend recent sales gains by boosting the device's functionality, analysts said. It will come with Watch OS 4 and will give you all day battery life. Of course, like before, the watch is swim-proof and comes with a Global Positioning System chip as well.

The watch's antenna is built into the screen, and it uses a smaller electronic SIM card rather than a standard SIM. "If you don't get it right, it looks like a house arrest bracelet and you won't want to wear it", Williams quipped. Siri will also faster with the updated chip and help you with any needs.

Surprisingly, you won't be required to buy another number for the watch.

Adding the cellular capability means adding hardware, and that runs the danger of making the watch bulky.

Apple is adding the new Grey finish option to the line up. An earlier study Apple did with the University of California San Francisco found that previous versions of the watch had a 97 per cent accuracy level in detecting abnormal heart rhythms, Tech Crunch reported.

The new TV will be available on September 22 as well and will begin at $179 for its 32 gigabyte version.