Trump Is A 'White Supremacist' And Unfit For Office — ESPN's Jemele Hill

Posted September 14, 2017

She's actually flawless for some networks in the cable news world as a political pundit.

You can read the Twitter exchange in question below.

A few days back, Hill tweeted about Donald Trump, calling him a white supremacist, and that struck a nerve with the Worldwide Leader In Sports.

Hill gave an incredible performance as a sports anchor in a show called First Take which landed her a full-time position as an ESPN sports broadcaster. After some consideration, the network has apparently chose to let her keep her job.

ESPN publicly scolded her, but supporters - including Colin Kaepernick - have defended Hill for speaking her mind. He did it on his own.

The subsequent conversation eventually shifted to Trump. Period, "she wrote in one tweet".

Hill told The Ringer that she believes there is a portion of ESPN viewership that wants to see the faces on the network to remain mostly white. "And if he were not white, he never would have been elected", her babble continued.

ESPN jumped into damage control after Hill let loose on Trump in a series of furious tweets Tuesday.

ESPN past year fired the conservative Schilling for what management deemed insensitive social media posts targeting, not a politician, but transgender people. "We have addressed this with Jemel and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate", ESPN wrote in a statement.

Jemele Hill graduated from Detroit Mumford and Michigan State.

The comments outraged Trump supporters, many of whom noted that ESPN fired analyst and former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling over an anti-transgender Facebook post previous year.

Hill was lamenting that Kaepernick, who has struggled to find a new contract after making repeated headlines for his protests against the treatment of non-whites, had not been signed by the Baltimore Ravens. Whether you agree with that statement or not likely nearly entirely depends on how you voted. "It is certainly something that I think would be a fireable offense by ESPN".

Play-by-play announcer Robert Lee, a Syracuse University alum, was moved from calling a Virginia football game earlier this month. ESPN took the same - nearly too impossible to believe - route with Lee, the announcer.

Hill has made such wonderful progress in her career.

Is there a culture of fear at the network's Bristol headquarters? The White House has NO BUSINESS suggesting what a private citizen should be allowed to say and suggesting that they should be punished by their employer. "I think that's where we need to be focused - not on outrageous statements like that one".

But so has the network going way left and political as a whole.

The reaction to Hill's comments quickly escalated far beyond a debate over workplace protocols for social media.

He pointed out that Michael Jordan, the wildly successful basketball star turned businessman, always warned about mixing politics with sports by saying "Republicans buy sneakers too".