U.S. drone attack kills 3 Taliban militants in Pakistan

Posted September 17, 2017

A suspected us drone strike targeted a house used by militants and killed three people in north-western Pakistan, an official in the region said on Friday.

The strike took place on a border village in the Kurram tribal region, which has served as a hideout for local and foreign militants over the past several years.

No government spokesman was available for comment.

The strike came days after the U.S. President Donald Trump asked Pakistan to do more against the militants hiding in its tribal area.

In a major speech outlining United States policy on Afghanistan last month, Trump lambasted Pakistan for sheltering "agents of chaos" and suggested ties with Islamabad would be adjusted immediately.

Pakistan and the country's military have repeatedly said they have acted against the Afghan insurgent Haqqani network and other militants without any discrimination.

The border was closed after a grenade attack injured soldiers and civilians on Friday afternoon.

The nature of the blast is yet to be ascertained, the FC officials said. "We don't differentiate the Haqqani network and Taliban". Tribal sources described Mohib as a loyalist of the Haqqani terrorist network, an ally of the Taliban who are fighting USA -led forces in Afghanistan.

USA drone attacks inside Pakistan have become rare over the past few years.

The CIA-run drone operation resumed in Pakistan in March after a nine month unannounced break, but there have been no confirmed strikes since June 13, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism which tracks the USA global drone program.