Volkswagen Announce Ambitions to Create Electric Versions of their Entire Portfolio

Posted September 13, 2017

This is a major jump from its previous goal of releasing 30 or so such models across the group, including Audi and Porsche, by 2025. This is not some vague declaration of intent. "And we will lead that transformation", said Müller. As part of their commitment to adapting and offering more sustainable vehicles, Volkswagen will be delivering more than 80 new electric vehicles to their customers by 2025.

Volkswagen (VW) said it was seeking new global supplier contracts to source 50 billion euros of electric vehicle content including batteries, which are not yet manufactured competitively in Europe.

As well as Roadmap E, Mueller also announced that the Sedric would form the basis of a pilot program within Volkswagen's factories, eventually leading to a range of autonomous vehicles from urban runabouts, to high-end luxury cars, and transport solutions including local delivery systems and long distance truck transport.

The much-trailed Volkswagen T-Roc compact SUV makes its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and is being seen as the start of a new era as VW puts the emissions crisis behind it. It's also earmarking over 20 billion euros (about $23 billion) to fund the electrification transition. Earlier this year, the automotive giant announced an initial $10 billion investment in electric vehicles (EVs), significantly lower than they were devoting even to gas-powered cars.

The VW ID Crozz crossover concept gets subtle design changes; set to enter production in 2020.

In order to meet this huge requirement, a tender process has been initiated with regard to long-term strategic partnerships for China, Europe and North America.

Volkswagen's plans are the most ambitious in the auto industry and reflect the company's efforts to recover from admitting that it rigged 11 million diesel vehicles to cheat on emissions tests. And creating a comprehensive charging infrastructure rapidly - in cities and on highways - will be critical to success. "I'm convinced this will succeed if politicians, the energy industry and automakers work in harness".

Volkswagen says this is one of the largest procurement projects in automotive history and represents a marked change of tone from past year when Müller said that ICE (internal combustion engine) cars were still "important".

To avoid a future Dieselgate, all new diesel engines going forward will come with SCR catalytic converters fitted as standard and from 2019 onwards.