World's heaviest 500-kg lady passes away in Abu Dhabi

Posted September 26, 2017

Her sister, Shaimaa Selim was involved in a dispute with the doctors who had even filed a police complaint against her for obstructing normal treatment of Eman.

Eman had been admitted at Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi on May 4.

Doctors described her death as being due to complications from her weight, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

When she left, she weighed around 176 kg.

Last month, Eman Ahmed had celebrated her birthday at hospital with her family and doctors. Before her trip to India, Eman's family used to take care of her. "I knew it was too much to ask to make her able to walk, but the way her health improved here, I wished the same could happen to her (in Abu Dhabi)", he said. I had seen that - special machines and very good doctors here but that's God (will) we can't do anything but pray for her. They blamed her weight issues on a thyroid condition.

Before being shifted to Burjeel Hospital, Eman spent 82 days at Saifee Hospital, where she underwent a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedure to battle her obesity, and was kept under close observation in a specially-constructed ward.

Her sister started a campaign online to help raise awareness about her plight.

"We never thought something like this will happen to her".

Following a meeting with doctors, it was decided Eman would be flown to the United Arab Emirates to continue her treatment. Last year, she comes out of the house for taking the treatment in Mumbai.

Dr Lakdawala, who supervised her treatment at the Saifee hospital, said the hospital did not charge "a single penny" from Ms Ahmed's family.

She lost 95Kgs before undergoing the surgery in March which pulled her weight down to 355Kgs.