11-year-old girl's adoption comes true; video goes viral

Posted October 12, 2017

An 11-year-old girl's reaction to finding out she is finally being adopted is warming hearts across the world.

Alexander, who teaches at American Heritage of South Jordan in the U.S., explained she knew the family who were in the process of adopting their three foster children, all of whom attended her school.

She said she's spent the last two years wishing that a judge would allow her foster parents to become her forever parents.

"We just loved them so much", Jennifer Fisher said.

"This is like the biggest thing that's ever happened to me", Tannah Butterfield told KUTV.

Teacher Jackie Alexander had the happy job of breaking the news to Tannah Butterfield, after she received a phone call to inform her that the girl's foster parents had won the case to adopt her, as well as two other children.

Tannah said she was overjoyed when Alexander told her the news. The officer manager posted the video, which was shared across the internet, because she wanted to show people there is joy happening every day. "You get your forever family", said Alexander. "In a world full of sadness and disaster, so wonderful to see this truly handsome and joyous moment", wrote another. "She was just so anxious and didn't want her to wait any longer, so that's where I got to play a small part".

"I grabbed her shoulders and said, 'Have you heard the news baby?"

Tannah had her own message. "I can't even describe that hug", she said. "You get your forever family", Jackie Alexander said.

Adding, "A moment needed after waking up to another morning of devastating news on t.v.but a sweet reminder today that life can be and still is handsome in spite of it all".

The couple hopes the adoption of the three siblings will be finalized next month. As many as half of these un-adopted kids will never complete high school, prompting Arrow's Texas director Keith Howard to argue the foster system has largely failed children.