Athletes have home-field advantage protesting Trump's comments

Posted October 03, 2017

At Sunday's first game, in London, New Orleans Saints players, coaches and staff knelt before the start of the anthem but stood in unison once it began.

Later President Trump tweeted embedded video of fans and players standing at an NHL game, writing "19,000 respecting our National Anthem!"

Brees tweeted Friday morning, "As a way to show respect to all, our #Saints team will kneel in solidarity prior to the national anthem & stand together during the anthem". "He's fired. He's fired!" following up his comments with a series of tweets last weekend.

At a political rally two days before, he said owners should fire players who don't stand and called such players a "son of a b----", angering many in the league. Dozens of Chargers linked arms, just as they did last week.

Well that caused uproar as teams and players across the country protested the flag.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said they either somewhat or strongly disapproved of national anthem protests by NFL players, while 39% said they approved.

"Very important that NFL players STAND tomorrow, and always, for the playing of our National Anthem", Mr Trump posted on Twitter last Saturday, adding "Respect our Flag and our Country!" Now, with the president of the United States openly attacking professional athletes for protesting during the anthem, there's a clear possibility that the wave of protests that have swept through the NFL could end up reaching the National Basketball Association as well, a reckoning the league may not want to deal with. Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks stayed in the locker room while the anthem was performed.

Donald Trump's most iconic photographs Wed, June 14, 2017 The U.S. President as you've never seen him before! "We're not having the conversations on what does the flag actually mean and while it may mean one thing to me it may mean something else to somebody else", Albert says.

Players are reacting strongly to Trump for what he said during and after a political rally (he knows the election is over, right?) in Huntsville, Alabama, on September 22.

Elsewhere, players continued to demonstrate during the anthem with Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall raising a fist. That request came after some football players were seen kneeling during the national anthem.

But many teams chose not to protest at all including the Indianapolis Colts who had every member of the team standing. "And I think it's disgraceful".