Centre replaces Gajendra Chauhan with Anupam Kher as FTII Chairman

Posted October 12, 2017

He takes over from Gajendra Chauhan who stepped down from the post in March this year.

The appointment has been made by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which is headed by Smriti Irani.

Kher, who appeared in several acclaimed global films, also appeared in more than 100 plays. In fact, Kher openly chided Chauhan; he claimed Chauhan had no idea of cinema in a broader or global perspective and even told him to keep quiet when it came to justifying his appointment. "But certainly, TII needs somebody who is much more qualified than whatever Ganjendra ji's qualifications are coming across", Kher had said according to a PTI report.

After being appointed as the new chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), actor Anupam Kher said he will try to perform duties to the best of his abilities.

Besides being one of the busiest actors of the era - Kher has appeared in over 500 films - he was also extremely malleable. "I think sharing experience adds up to perspectives and that's what I want to do".

Kher will now head the FTII Society which is responsible for electing Governing Council and Academic Council which then takes decisions on important matters pertaining to administrative and academic matters concerning the institute. "As a student I can say his mentoring has been a boon". However, Kumar stated that he does not see any difference between the appointment of Kher and that of Chauhan as the primary qualification seems to be their proximity to BJP or RSS.

Robin Joy, president of FTII students' association told DNA, "Kher is already running a private acting institute and still government has chose to appoint him as the chairman of a government institute".

Chauhan's appointment was met with harsh opposition from students, faculty and many in the film fraternity. Also, we don't see this appointment any different than that of Gajendra Chauhan. But at the same time the statements that he has made over the last three years also can't be ignored.