George Foreman calls out Steven Seagal to fight in Las Vegas

Posted October 05, 2017

Check out some of the Twitter chatter below and on the following pages regarding George Foreman calling out Steven Seagal in the tweets below and on the following pages.

Foreman proposed the fight would be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be no holds barred set for 10 rounds and no weapons, Seagal would be able to use kicks and Aikido style versus Foreman's pure boxing.

68-year-old former heavyweight champion George Foreman yesterday challenged Hollywood action star Steven Seagal, aged 65, to a fight.

Foreman had great banter with fans on Twitter, insisting he was serious and believing he could get his famous jab working again to win the fight.

No word on what made Foreman challenge Seagal to a fight, but it's probably the comments that Seagal made about the national anthem protest - comments he made while in Russian Federation.

According to a representative for Seagal, the star had no comment on Foreman's offer, but just the idea of such a matchup garnered enough attention that both names were trending on Google.

Foreman became boxing's oldest heavyweight champion at the age of 45 and has gone on to use his fame to earn a fortune in the cooking industry with his signature grill. He also said the fight could be broadcast on pay per view.

Seagal became a Russian citizen past year and is know for being besties with Putin.