Google goes Goldilocks with Home Mini and Home Max speakers

Posted October 05, 2017

Hear that? It's the sound of your phone going, but you no longer need to reach for your handset to pick it up.

And there's a good reason for that!

The Home Max speaker especially boosts the low-frequency ranges and features "Smart Sound", which lets the speaker dynamically adapt to the user and the surrounding in which it is placed so as to tune the volume, EQ etc of the speaker. If you're balking at the $400 price, that's probably because this speaker isn't meant for you. At $49, it'll square up against Amazon's Dot, but like the Dot, it will act as a gateway smart speaker for those not willing to throw down bigger sums of money.

Even if you are not a Nest owner, according to Google the feature will function with over 1000 smart home products of over 100 different brands. The Home Mini embraces a simple rounded design, with a distinctive fabric enclosure. Finally, this is is still a full-fledged member of the Google Home product family in the sense that it's compatible with the Google Assistant and hence just as capable of helping you perform everyday tasks, discover information, and manage your IoT devices as its predecessor was.

When consumers buy a Google Home Max this Christmas, they'll get YouTube Music ad-free for 12 months.

The Google Home Max features dual 4.5-inch excursion woofers to provide a great sound.

Coral, chalk, and charcoal colors.

When it comes to audio, the Google Home Mini boasts a 360 degree speaker which is tuned for voice rather than music.

What is Google Home Max? Voice calling is present as well, and you can use your phone number once verified. It can even call your friends for free (in the United States and Canada, the feature is coming to the United Kingdom later this year).

It's packed with Google's own Assistant, is covered in a soft-touch mesh material and boasts touch, as well as voice controls. Google Home was the company's first stab at an Amazon Echo competitor-a smart home speaker imbued with a digital assistant. Pre-orders start today with customer deliveries beginning on October 19. Google Home Max will be available in December for $399.