LEADING OFF: Astros, Indians seek sweeps; HR-happy playoffs

Posted October 09, 2017

It could certainly provide Houston Astros fans a rare opportunity to see a game at Fenway Park in some pretty good seats. They were still swept away because their pitching was pitiful. Those facts could both change on Sunday at Fenway Park.

The Houston Astros' second baseman and AL MVP candidate etched his name into the record books on Thursday.

The Astros scored a whopping 501 runs on the road this season.

Hanley Ramirez said the prospect of not winning a single playoff game for two straight years is a label no one in Boston's clubhouse wants to wear.

But, it wasn't just the offense. "And that falls to (Fister), to put a zero up in the first inning and allow us to capture the energy here". The Red Sox have shown no power in the series and have been out-homered 6-0 in the first two games, as Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa have had their way with the Boston pitchers. That's why you, Drew, need to go out onto the mound on Friday night and shut down the Houston Astros.

The former Arkansas Razorback pitcher came back and threw a combined 21 pitches in the third and fourth innings and finished with a total of 96 pitches in 5 2/3.

"But that was the plan coming into this year, to have a deeper lineup and to have contributions from everybody and it's showing up now".

"I think he's done a great job", Dombrowski said of Farrell last week, before the playoffs began. "So that bodes well". So far, the Astros have handled that transition seamlessly. "We haven't played well yet, so we have to get back home and figure it out". "I'm proud of that perspective". The Dodgers reportedly thought that they had a deal to bring Greinke back when he hit the free agency market in the 2015/16 off-season, only for the D-Backs' owners to jump in and slap a six-year, $206.5m contract on the table that unsurprisingly diverted Greinke's attention their way. We have just been ourselves. It's a matter of going out there, staying with what we do and do what we do best.

Hendricks went about things differently - his best fastball is about 10 miles per hour slower than Strasburg's - but was every bit as good. "And that balance that we have been able to keep has been the big difference for us".

In three career appearances (two starts) against Boston, Keuchel has a 9.88 ERA-not exactly something for Houston fans to get excited about. "That's the good thing about our lineup, there's no holes in our lineup, and we feel very confident no matter if we went 0 for 4 the day before or if we went 4 for 4".

Farrell similarly held off on naming a Game 4 starter. "Him being able to control that inning is really the definition of the game, or the difference in the game, because if he gets out of control there, or the moment beats him, you know it's a completely different game".

Now, the challenge is to continue that level of play. And then we've got the ability to go to Chris and others, whoever is needed. Eastern Time start on Friday. Our bullpen's been phenomenal. Cable and satellite with Fox Sports 1 can use the Fox Sports Go website or mobile apps to watch this game live streaming online. It's been a sometimes hard journey for Peacock, a 41st-round pick by the Washington Nationals in 2006, and an improbable journey for him to get this point this season.