Marilyn Manson Cancels Upcoming Concerts After Onstage Injury

Posted October 03, 2017

Rockstar Marilyn Manson was sent to the hospital on a stretcher after being hit by props during his concert in NY on Saturday, Sept. 30. Planned tour dates between October 2 and October 14 have been called off.

As Manson finished a verse, he appeared to turn to face a tall scaffolding - with two oversize props shaped like guns attached to it - at the back of the stage. The stage crew lifted the fixture off of Manson, who reportedly laid on the stage for up to 15 minutes before EMT workers arrived to assist him onto a stretcher and off stage.

Marilyn Manson has canceled several upcoming tour dates, including a scheduled appearance at an upcoming metal music festival in Camden, after being injured in an onstage accident in NY over the weekend. He has since returned home to Los Angeles to recuperate, and is canceling the next nine shows on his Heaven Upside Down tour.

The shock rocker's canceled Camden concert is one of several scrapped dates following Manson's injury at the hands of a pair of giant prop pistols onstage on Manhattan this past weekend.

A Manson representative confirmed that the singer was injured during the concert, Rolling Stone reported.

The prop accident occurred a day after Manson appeared to injure himself in Pittsburgh while performing "The Beautiful People" toward the end of the concert. The severity of Manson's injuries were not disclosed. A total of 9 shows will reportedly be rescheduled at a later date, although no information about when and where have been released.

Manson's guitarist, Tyler Bates, indicated that the injuries were serious enough to stop concerts but were not life-threatening.