SC woman gets box of illegal drugs in mail by mistake

Posted October 06, 2017

The woman had been expecting a yoga mat to arrive from Walmart, but was horrified to discover that the heavy box her mail carrier delivered to her home in Rock Hill was instead filled with more than 20,000 oxycodone pills worth around $400,000, according to WSOC.

Brown speculated that the package may have been meant for delivery to the woman's former address at a condo which is now vacant. The homeowner reportedly told officers that she did not know why someone would use her name and address to ship drugs. Portland officials say it is "at least" the fifth time 24-year-old William James Wimberly Jr has been convicted of masturbating in public in the past two years alone.

Agents said suspects also target homes that are usually empty during the day, so they can swipe the packages without the resident ever knowing.

According to local police, the Rock Hill resident was waiting for her package on September 30 when her mailman handed her a box around 2 p.m. local time.

Brown said his team will try to trace the package and also see if they can find out where it was headed, and who was supposed to receive it.

They believe that they are probably counterfeit and could have come from Mexico.

In August, a Georgia man received a package containing drugs, according to the Milton Herald. The return address was from California. The woman, who did not wish to be identified, immediately called police. Police took the drugs to the sheriff's office to destroy them.