Star Wars director: Avoid the new trailer

Posted October 10, 2017

"I [am] legitimately torn", the director wrote in response to the "to watch or not to watch" quandry. "But it's gooooood.", Johnson wrote in response to a fan asking how the trailer relates to comments he made in August about avoiding all marketing for The Last Jedi.

Tonight is a huge night for all Star Wars fans, as not only do we get an all-new trailer for the upcoming The Last Jedi, but tickets for the film officially go on sale.

Fandango is of course just one ticket-seller, but the company appears to be the first to say when tickets go on sale. (Interestingly, this news followed the debut of the new Justice League trailer and may have undercut that buzz a bit.) Each teaser featured a quick glimpse of new footage that will surely be in the full preview. You can check out the warning to Star Wars fans via Rian Johnson's Twitter account below. The film is still largely shrouded in secrecy, but Monday we may get some new clues, because a new trailer is officially dropping. Devout fans will also be able to attend marathons of all eight films, which will include "exclusive content, Star Wars collectible cards, and a special concession offer".

The new trailer will be screened during ESPN's Monday Night Football halftime show. The move to put the trailer on ESPN should give the channel a well-needed boost in terms of viewership, which has been declining due to the rise of cord-cutters.

Princess Leia will make an appearance despite actress Carrie Fisher having died in December 2016 before filming was wrapped on the film - though it's her last turn in the role.

And we can't wait to find out more.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is set to the hit the theaters on December 15 in the U.S. There's uniforms for First Order and Resistance fighter pilots, weaponry from The Last Jedi's new Elite Praetorian Guard, and an array of guns, equipment and models featured in the new films.