You can cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook

Posted October 06, 2017

Instagram did mention that votes would be public when it announced the feature on its blog and in the app. If you don't already have the option in your Instagram app, you will soon.

Reportedly Facebook had been testing a new feature that appeared for Portugal users last month. One still can not post Facebook Stories on Instagram Stories, unless Facebook brings in that feature too.

If you're a fan of Instagram or Facebook Stories - posts of photos and videos which automatically disappear after 24 hours - you'll now be able to send to both platforms with a single post.

TechCrunch says the cross-platform Story sharing option should come to everyone soon, but it's now only created to work in one direction: from Instagram to Facebook. "We're always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you" as told by a Facebook spokesperson. Facebook's own Stories feature has been slower to take off. Well, this is also one of the reasons for Facebook to allow direct posting of Instagram Stories on Facebook Stories. After all, no one uses Facebook Story.

Instagram's aim is to offer a fun, interactive tool that lets users ask friends and followers simple questions-about what they should wear, for example ("Should I wear this dress or these jeans?") or what to eat ("Should I finish this leftover pizza or cook some pasta?"). The new option would cut down the trouble of manually uploading Stories on each platform separately. To rope in more numbers for their Stories, Instagram will now offer its members to post Stories directly to Facebook.