Battle for Azeroth sees the Horde and Alliance in conflict once again

Posted November 04, 2017

Alliance players can expect to forge alliances by fending off pirates and hunting giant sea monsters in Kul Tiras, whereas Horde players will gain new allies by fighting traitors and making deals with powerful gods and spirits in Zandalar.

For those less keen to revisit the game's vanilla version, Blizzard also took the opportunity to reveal Battle For Azeroth, the game's seventh expansion pack.

There's a new "islands" system at play as well in Battle for Azeroth, where players can work in trios to explore certain areas where special enemies and missions change as the game wears on.

He followed with a cheeky promise to "reproduce the classic gaming experience, but not the actual launch experience". Also, each race will come with their own unique cosmetic armor that can be unlocked once they are fully leveled. Today's announcement is Blizzard's way of acknowledging the demand of players for a more vanilla World of Warcraft experience. When 2010's Cataclysm expansion debuted, it made further cuts that ensured new players would never truly be able to experience the same WoW that others did back in 2004. Brack mentioned that Blizzard had auctioned away the game's original server blades in a charity auction years ago, then he said with a laugh, "we're probably going to need those back".

It's bringing new story content (focusing on the Horde and the Alliance seeking new powers and strategic positions to best their opponents, and the fights between their leaders, Sylvanas and Anduin), an increased level cap, and new races with unique racial abilities.

World of Warcraft fans tried to resurrect classic WoW in the past without success.