Catch-22: George Clooney to Star in Limited Series

Posted November 19, 2017

Clooney will direct and star in the six-episode series, based on United States author Joseph Heller's darkly comedic 1961 novel Catch-22, for Viacom Inc's Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, shooting in early 2018, the studio said. The film is set in Italy during WWII and tells the story of a U.S. Air Force flyer named Yossarian, who is ordered to keep increasing the number of unsafe missions he must fly to complete his service.

In addition to acting, he will also direct with long time collaborator Grant Heslov, 54.

The actor's move to television comes on the heels of Oscar-winning stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas, who have all taken on small screen projects in recent years.

The novel has been adapted before, into a 1970 movie starring Alan Arkin, Martin Balsam, Richard Benjamin and Bob Newhart. Joining in on the adaptation duties is Luke Davies and David Michod.

The 56-year-old actor will play the role Yossarian's commander Colonel Cathcart.

But he runs up against the army's Catch-22 policy, which states that if someone is rational enough to try to evade combat, they are sane enough to continue fighting. If he makes any attempt to avoid those missions, he'll be in a total "Catch-22" because of a "hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule". Anonymous Content, which is also behind USA Network's Mr. Robot, Netflix's The O.A., recently extended its first-look deal with Paramount Television through 2019.