Chemung County celebrates National Adoption Day

Posted November 20, 2017

The children live with their new families for at least six months before the adoption is finalized.

Rhode Island's Family Court in Providence will finalize 23 adoptions with 17 different families for National Adoption Day Saturday.

Probate Court Judge Miriam Cavanaugh along with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra will join Livingston County families as they celebrate the Thanksgiving season by welcoming new members to their families.

Roughly 6,000 children are in foster care in New Jersey, according to the state Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Cameron Holley continued to say, "I didn't know that it would change my life to the extent that it has and there's no doubt in my mind that I will love her until my last breath". If you're unsure what difference being adopted makes in a child's life, consider the words of one famous adoptee."I was adopted at 7 months, and I'm going to tell you what that means", comedian, singer, actor and Academy Award victor Jamie Foxx said in September on the Fox game show "Beat Shazam".

Each year, right around the holiday season, thousands of children get the chance to find that flawless family they've always been looking for.

They also adopted their 4-year-old daughter Courtney.

Joshua Cohn told us, "It's pretty fantastic". So Quinn, now 24, began the long training process to adopt Ireland and got her own apartment in Rahway so he could move in.

"Foster care is hard and it's emotional and it's not an easy thing to do, but it is so worth it". My grandmother loved me, and thank you for loving that little girl over there and loving all your children."The list of accomplished people who were adopted is long".