Cold, dry Thanksgiving holiday in store for central Pa.

Posted November 22, 2017

The rainfall will be associated with a passing cold front.

Temperatures Thanksgiving Day will be mostly in the 50s, topping-out in the lower 60s. Early Wednesday we will be rather cloudy with some flurries.

Friday Night.Mostly clear. Lows near 40.

A pedestrian uses an umbrella on a hot sunny morning in Los Angeles on October 24, 2017.

Clear skies continue through tonight and it will not be as cold. Its impact will be much more pronounced on our temperatures.

Inland areas are expected to see even higher temperatures. The overnight low will be 46. The high will be 52, after a morning low of 35. Skies will become partly cloudy as highs climb into the lower 40s.

Thanksgiving Day starts in the 20s and ends in the 40s.

Another cold front will arrive Tuesday night with chilly air and brief strong winds but only a little bit of shower activity. Saturday night temperatures will drop to around the freezing mark of 32 degrees.

The warm-up will ramp up on Friday with highs close to 70° along with sunny skies. Highs will also be back to the mid 60s for the high. Lows by morning will settle into the upper 30s. There will be a few lingering flurries then clouds will break for afternoon sunshine. At Los Angeles International Airport, temperatures will reach 86 and 84 on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.