Davis Webb on Eli Manning: "I've learned something from him every day"

Posted November 30, 2017

The team gave him the option to maintain his streak then give way to the other quarterbacks, but the two-time Super Bowl MVP declined.

Which is why the decision to pull Manning, a quarterback the Jets would have killed for during Smith's tenure with the team, is mind-boggling.

Manning was given the chance to start this weekend so as to keep the streak alive. "It doesn't really affect much, but right now, I'm going to be the best teammate I can be for (Eli) and Geno and we're going to try help us win our game on Sunday".

"It's not a preseason game where you are going to start to the half, the next week a quarter, a series, that's not fair".

"I think you always have to keep an open mind even if it's the same regime", Warner said. You play to win. He wasn't going to finish the game, though.

Manning's voice broke when asked how this one hurt, noting it was one of his hardest days as a Giant.

McAdoo spoke with Manning on Monday. "Hey, we're 2-9. Kind of uncharted territory, so you don't know what to expect when you're in that situation". He has been that and more.

The decision to bench Manning highlights what's been one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Webb has not played.

"I have a lot of confidence in Eli as a player, as a quarterback", McAdoo said. Manning, who recently passed the 50,000-yard mark, will be the backup.

"If you had a Mount Rushmore of not only New York Giants, but New York athletes, he'd be on it", Webb said. Ryan ranks No. 5 in that category with 126 consecutive starts for the Falcons, and Manning's benching makes it the second-longest active streak behind only Phillip Rivers. That streak - the second-longest run in National Football League history - dates back to November 21, 2004.

Next time you hear anyone question why athletes aren't more loyal, remember Eli Manning. If you've got one guy that represents what this organization has been about and the character and the success of this organization, it's that guy that has been under center in Eli Manning. While there was some uncertainty about whether it was the right thing to do, McAdoo made the final call, according to a source.

It was just two years ago that Manning signed a four-year extension with NY worth $84 million. He played in only two games in 2016 with his season ending with a major knee injury. "He has done a bunch of things for this organization and none of that can ever be taken away or forgotten". "If the same regime is there, it's going to be hard after they came to you and said, "We're not playing you because we basically want to look at what we have for the future" and then they decide to go back to you or the comments like 'It's not over here.' That's confusing to me".

Manning holds nearly all of the franchise's major passing records.

Smith, who has 28 career touchdowns and 36 interceptions, was drafted in the second round in 2013 and hasn't been a regular starter since 2014. He will turn 37 on January 3.