Donald Trump asked China's president to help resolve UCLA basketball player arrests

Posted November 14, 2017

Ball, Riley and Hill are now confided to their Hangzhou hotel and reportedly may have to wait up to two weeks until they are able to return home. "China does not want anything to detract from the warm welcome they have planned for the American president, so they will solve this problem as quickly as possible, which would include having the young men leave the country - after a suitable apology - as quickly as possible".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed in an email to the newspaper that Trump raised the issue with Xi. The players were arrested last week and charged with shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store located next to the team's hotel.

Xi assured Trump that the players would be treated fairly and expeditiously, the Post reported, after the USA president brought up the topic in a Saturday meeting with Xi in Beijing.

In his article, Nakamura also noted that after Trump brought up the matter, Xi promised to take a look at the case.

UCLA returned to the United States on Saturday without the three freshmen, sources told Markazi.

U.S. officials said the State Department normally takes over cases of American citizens when they are arrested overseas and that the U.S. Embassy in Beijing knows the case is ongoing. Three players were questioned from each team.

Ball, Riley and Hill were released on bail Wednesday but are reportedly confined to their hotel in Hangzhou.

Lonzo Ball said his father LaVar Ball called him Friday night and told him "we are handling it out here, so that's a good sign", ESPN reported. LiAngelo Ball's family is in Hong Kong marketing $495 Big Baller Brand shoes, according to a tweet from LaVar Ball.