KGI analyst expects three iPhones next year, two with OLED

Posted November 14, 2017

Some Apple iPhone X users have posted images that show a nasty green line running along the right or left edges of the OLED panel on the iPhone X. The alleged "green line of death" is a hardware issue and is said to be caused by a problem in the phone's electrical system. The iPhone X is reportedly producing crackling sounds with all sorts of audio playback including phone calls, alarms and ringtones.

The two OLED models are said to target the "high-end" market, while the lone LCD-equipped iPhone will be aimed at "middle to low-end markets" with a predicted price between $649 and $749.

Few Apple iPhone X users are reporting a odd green colour vertical strap on their Apple iPhone X (permanent). If you recall, the current iPhone X starts at $999.

Demand for the iPhone X remains positive and Kuo estimates that production will rise somewhere around 35-45% in the next quarter compared to to the one previous.

Apple has issued a statement to Loop In Sight that says it has already heard the reports of the issue, but that it's often the case that the screen unresponsiveness stops on its own after a few moments.

"Love the phone but I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with the speakers slightly sounding a little crackling whenever max volume. EXCEPT the Horrendous sound Quality/Speaker issues - Crackling/Sound with WAY too much Treble".

Several reports of the iPhone X issues with cold weather popped up on forums such as Reddit over the weekend, where some user reports were quite specific. As Apple is known for providing solutions quickly to its customers, we hope the company would address this issue soon. It is also unclear as of now whether the issues faced are OLED-related or whether it is due to some other reason.

"The three new devices are set to include a 6.5" OLED model, a 5.8" OLED model, and a 6.1" TFT-LCD model.

There are still people out there trying to decide if they want to upgrade to the iPhone X or iPhone 8, and now we know of these 3 new models being released next year, their decision will be even harder.