Malia Obama's British Boyfriend Has Royal Family Links

Posted November 25, 2017

Now another news and culture site alleges to have video of Malia Obama blowing smoke rings in an undisclosed bathroom location. Videos showing the former first daughter exhibiting fairly normal teenage behavior have left people divided.

Malia Obama, 19, was caught on camera at a tailgate party celebrating an Ivy League football game between Yale and Harvard.

As scrutiny and debate over Malia continued, a number of fellow first daughters also spoke out in defense of the young college student.

Farquharson was chosen as Head of School for the 2015-2016 year at Rugby, which is considered once of the most prestigious public schools in the United Kingdom, alongside Eton and Harrow.

Furthermore, Malia was the subject of several media reports indicating that she served as the intern with Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, and worked at the NY office in January.

Barrack Obama's daughter, Malia Obama, captured kissing at a auto park.

Malia Obama and her new boyfriend Rory Farquharson could be a match made in heaven as both have knowledge of the corridors of power.

As an unpaid government employee and official in her father's administration, Ivanka Trump's is somewhat set apart from her predecessors. She is a young adult and private citizen, and should be OFF limits'.

While the former president's daughter should obviously expect interest from the press, the coverage of her enjoying typical rites of passage come off as intrusive and inappropriate.

Ivanka Trump, current President Donald Trump's eldest daughter, also defended Malia's right to privacy.

Tabloids claim to have identified the young man as a student at Harvard, where Obama has just begun her freshman year after taking time off following high school.