Ubisoft: PS5 and Next Xbox Are a Minimum "2 Years" Away

Posted November 09, 2017

She talked about the fact that the developers were in no way or form pushed to enhanced games for the Xbox One X and the games that we have in the pipeline and those that have already been released have been enhanced by developers themselves. If you're a hardcore gamer willing to shell out $500 for the premium gaming experience, the Xbox One X will give that to you. Sarah Needleman from The Wall Street Journal tweeted about the news while posing an important question about the sales: Did Xbox One X buyers clean GameStop's massive supply, or did GameStop just not have enough consoles to sell?

You didn't think Microsoft's console would be free of launch errors, did you?

Auckland mum Tarls Murray was the first person in the world to get an Xbox One X when her Project Scorpio Edition was hand-delivered to her doorstep by Dan Livingstone, who in 2013 was the first person in the world to receive the original Xbox One.

But nearly everything else about the console is exactly the same as its much more affordable counterpart, the Xbox One S, which also rings in at half the price: $250. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market, and was built with gamers in mind every step of the way. They're expected to release their next earnings report on November 27, a report that'll nearly certainly include some mention of how the Xbox One X did in their stores as well as some figures to show how many consoles they sold.