Your Guide to Thanksgiving Travel

Posted November 24, 2017

On the road, rails and at the airport, millions of people are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Nationally, the 50.9 million Americans traveling this holiday weekend is the most since 2005, AAA said.

In preparation for the expected 50 mile average journey people will be taking this holiday weekend, auto maintenance is crucial for safe journeys.

The AAA also reported that 89 percent of all travelers, or 45.5 million people, are planning a Thanksgiving road trip, which increased 3.2 percent compared to previous year. With a 5 percent increase over last year, air travel is the mode of travel that will see the largest growth this year.

"A strong economy and labor market are generating rising incomes, driving up the confidence in consumers who are more willing to spend on travel this year", said Tracy Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic, in a release by AAA.

"We don't necessarily designate Sunday as the busiest travel day of the year", he said. Flights are expected to be the lowest on average in five years for a round-trip domestic flight at $157, a 23-percent drop each year. And, the vast majority of those travelers will be in cars. They say at its peak, drivers on some interstates and highways could see delays of almost 300 percent over the optimal trip. AAA said the hike is due to a rise in demand and the cost of newer vehicles.

Thinking about getting out of town for the holiday weekend? "Saturday was opening day of deer season in NY, so now we're going to go down to Scranton for Thanksgiving", said Bill Felins. "Most people aren't from this area typically, so it's a little hard trying to get back", said traveler Cameron Leathers-Clayborne. Both Orlando, Florida, and Anaheim, California, top this year's top 10 holiday destinations based on bookings. But close to 90% of all travelers are planning a thanksgiving road trip.

With so many vehicles on the road, AAA's Roadside Assistance team expects to help about 1,500 motorists-and that's just in Kansas. AAA recommends motorists have their vehicles inspected by a trusted fix shop before leaving for your destination.