Beyoncé Slays In Jay Z's New Music Video About His Infidelity

Posted December 30, 2017

JAY-Z raps, "Nobody wins when the family feuds" on it, which is one of the allusions that the entire album, 4:44, makes to him cheating on wife Beyoncé. But in 2016, the world as we knew it was turned upside down when Beyoncé not-so-subtly exposed Jay-Z for his countless infidelities on Lemonade. But this one might be different, as Jay-Z seems to be featured more prominently in various scenes. Their daughter Blue Ivy also makes an appearance. While Beyoncé didn't release a full-length record this year, she did appear in features on chart-topping songs including "Mi Gente" and "Perfect". New York's God MC goes on to sit in the confessional booth with Queen B sitting on the opposite side. Perhaps he's going to confess about his infidelity, which was hinted various times in Lemonade.

The song's lyrics are telling as well: "Yeah, I'll f*** up a good thing if you let me".

Fittingly, the trailer has touches of The Godfather, most apparent with its sinister mood of impending doom.

JAY-Z wrapped up his hugely successful 4:44 Tour in Los Angeles last weekend at a sold out crowd at the The Forum. The "Family Feud" video then jumps to 2050, where we see an older Blue Ivy revising the constitution among a group of powerful women.

One thing's for sure, we can not wait for the full thing.

We guess they were closer to divorce than we thought!