Google Home Syncs Your Smart Home Gadgets With One Phrase

Posted December 12, 2017

Google has released a few useful variants of its Google Home smart speaker recently and the giant, Google Home Max is finally making its way to the real tech market.

As we noted in our Home Max Preview, the smart speaker is Google's answer to the $199 Sonos One and Apple's upcoming $349 HomePod. The Google Home Max comes with a standard aux jack along with Bluetooth and Cast built-in, just like the Google Home. Download either the iOS or Android Google Home app onto your smartphone and accept the terms of service.

The Smart Sound technology of Google Home Max allows it to adapt itself wherever you place it in the room.

Smart home gadgets like thermostats, switches, and lightbulbs have brought drastic changes to how we interact with our home. Smart Sound uses six internal microphones to measure the room's acoustics and then adjusts the equalizer settings using machine learning.

If you want the badass Google Home Max, your options now are Best Buy (chalk and charcoal) and Verizon (chalk only, charcoal is out of stock). The top of the Google Home Max is a touch surface where you can control music volume and play or pause the music. It costs $399, but you can get a free 12-month YouTube Music subscription if you have not used YouTube Red or Music in the past. For Spotify and Pandora you will need to link your account.

At first glance, the Home Max looks like a relatively expensive offering. There are a ton of tasks you can automate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but sadly, it's not always that simple - hundreds of companies make smart home devices, and not all of them conform to the same standards and specifications. It will also tell you the latest weather information, news headlines and sports scores.