Google New Datally App helps people Manage Data Usage on Their Smartphone

Posted December 01, 2017

Datally by Google will help you understand where are you are spending your mobile data and how much you are using it. Datally will let you know which apps are using most of your mobile data and at what time the using it.

Additionally, Datally can help surface nearby public Wi-Fi hotspots to help save data from your mobile plan - you may also be prompted to rate the quality of a network so Google can learn whether it's any good.

Google says Datally surfaces data-usage information and controls it in a friendlier format.

Available for phones running Android 5.0 or newer, Datally presents a visual glance at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly data usage.

Datally is a relatively straight-forward app, as Google has attempted to make the process of managing data usage as simple as possible.

Many of those who are mobile-only Internet users face the challenge of high data costs and data access.

The company ran a limited beta test of the app earlier this year and notes that users saved about 30% of mobile data on average when using the application.

Another useful feature of the application is its ability to track down available Wi-Fi networks located nearby. Indeed, something that can closely monitor app use can be a godsend for those in places where buying prepaid credits for texting, calling and data is the norm. Tap that option and you will find individual apps which you can block or control it from using mobile data. That said, looking at the bad reviews SmartApp seems to have gotten on the Play Store, it doesn't look like it's going to be competition for Datally. And it's the type of thing that should just be built-in to Android, of course: One assumes that releasing it as a standalone app now is simply a temporary measure to ensure that it can reach as many users as possible more quickly. It also recommends ways they can save data by changing their usage habits. Majority offer options to turn off a feature or service to lessen needed data to load. Datally controls data usage by turning on the Data Saver bubble to block background data usage and track real-time data usage.