Instagram now allows users to follow hashtags

Posted December 14, 2017

But with the new update, Instagram will allow people to follow entire communities, instead of just singular entities. The company claims that this new method will enable users to discover photos, videos and people on the photo sharing platform. Just search for a topic you're interested in and it will display the search results listing relevant hashtags. Users will also get updates directly to their feed if they choose to follow a hashtag, just like they would get updates from an account.

According to Instagram, the feature has been introduced to create communities within the app, where users who share the same interest can see similar photos, videos. Users could begin by finding a topic they like or click on a hashtag included in any post, which would lead to a page with a collection of its relevant images. However, if users want to unfollow any particular hashtag then that can also be done by simply tapping on the screen.

The action will allow the users to receive feed from that hashtag on their respective walls along with the latest stories. If you want to discover new hashtags, you can always check out what other people are following when you check their profiles. A "Follow" button can be found on top of the page. In order to follow a certain hashtag, #slime for example as shown above, all you have to do is to type out "slime" in the search bar, tap on it and there will be an option to follow the hashtag.

If you have set your account to private, the hashtags you follow will only be seen by your followers.