NYC hit-and-run leaves 1 dead, several injured

Posted December 04, 2017

Police say a man driving down a street in Queens early Sunday morning struck at least six people, killing one and critically injuring several others.

The person who died was pronounced dead at the scene while five injured were transported to an area hospital, according to police.

The driver "targeted" the victims around 4:45am local time, authorities said.

A New York City detective said the incident wasn't terror-related.

The driver then got back in the auto and drove onto the sidewalk about half a block away, striking six victims. "Suddenly, I just see the white vehicle driving through the sidewalk. The auto was going really fast, at least 50 miles per hour on the sidewalk", a witness identified as Rogers told NY Daily News.

Police said they later arrested the person they believe to be the driver, who fled the scene, and recovered the vehicle in another part of Queens.

Police did not immediately provide a description of the driver that fled.

Police say the driver then got back into his auto, drove off, jumped a curb and hit a group of pedestrians.