Syrian Army Intercepts Missiles Near Damascus

Posted December 03, 2017

However Sky News Arabia said that the target of the strike had in fact been an Iranian base under construction in the Keswah area south of Damascus.

Syrian media reported Saturday that the "Israeli enemy fired missiles at an army base outside Damascus".

It is not clear whether the Syrian army or Iranian and Hizballah militias were targeted in the strike. So far, however, the target of this reported attack is still unclear. The images show an initial two dozen large, low-rise buildings, and later in the year additional buildings which were added to the site. Israel has long justified its attacks inside Syria by claiming to be acting against Hezbollah and Iranian facilities and arms depots.

Furthermore, the very title of the November piece - "Iran building permanent military base in Syria - claim" - underscores the complete lack of evidence for such a claim, which the BBC notes in the article is "impossible to independently verify".

The Israeli air force has said it struck arms convoys of the Syrian military and Lebanon's Hezbollah almost 100 times during more than six years of the Syrian war. The report was based on intelligence from "Western security sources", the report said.

Previously, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that it would not allow Iran to establish any military presence in Syria.

Hizballah fought a war with Israel in 2006. Israel has not confirmed that attack either.