Taxable Tuition = Trouble for Graduate Students

Posted December 01, 2017

"The Council of Alberta University Students thanks the government for freezing tuition while ensuring institutions are funded appropriately so that budgeting restraints do not impact students", Larson said.

On Tuesday afternoon, a demonstration to raise awareness for the GOP tax plan brought together students - in conjunction with the national Graduate Student Walkout - outside of Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus.

"I think the kind of position of the Republican lawmakers right now is that people just don't care enough about graduate students to be actively fighting this, and they think they can kind of slip this under the rug and it's just free money to take", she said.

Graduate students from NYU, Columbia, CUNY, and The New School converged on Union Square on Wednesday to rally against the Republican tax plan that passed through the House last week.

The provincial government has announced its tuition freeze for post-secondary students has been extended for another year. Despite their verbal support and advising students to contact their elected officials, students asked that fees not fall on graduate students by lowering degrees and ultimately eliminating tuition for graduate education. "This is not a living wage in the Boston area".

Such worries have meant sleepless nights for Mariel Bello, a USC doctoral student in clinical psychology who hopes her research will improve addiction treatment in low-income communities.

Eileen Boris, a professor in the department of feminist studies, said she believes the tax bill is directly correlated to the Trump administration.

"This legislation, taken in its entirety, would discourage participation in postsecondary education, make college more expensive for those who do enroll, and undermine the financial stability of public and private, two-year and four-year colleges and universities", ACE President Ted Mitchell wrote.

The current version of the bill, to be voted on by the Senate later this week, does not include the provision the group campaigned against the day of the protest, which affects tax on tuition remission for graduate students, Baker said. As a result, that grad student's federal tax burden would skyrocket. The Senate bill also doesn't tax deductions for student loan interest. The Senate bill does not contain the changes the students are protesting. Call your senators. Protest the tax reform bill. With some programs lasting up to a decade, the tax law will make a PhD financially impossible for many of them.

Duke is concerned about all of the provisions affecting higher education in the House bill, but Simmons said the priority is protecting graduate stipends and the tuition assistance programs.

The Senate bill now does include the proposed excise tax on university endowments and the elimination of deductions for some athletic department contributions. "This is about the future of higher education, this is about the future of higher ed racial and socioeconomic diversity".