Trump Suggests Joe Scarborough Murdered His Intern In Florida

Posted December 02, 2017

The war of words between President Donald Trump and MSNBC's Morning Joe continues. Section 4 of the amendment is that if the vice president and other government officials believe the president to be "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office", then the vice president immediately replaces him as acting president - possibly for good. "When are we supposed to say this, after the first nuclear missile goes?" You know you don't serve Donald J. Trump, scam developer, scam, you know, Trump University proprietor.

The "Morning Joe" host continued to comment on the threat posed by North Korea, and his view that the president is unfit to handle such a threat. "Is that when it's proper to bring this up in polite society?"

"You have somebody inside the White House that the New York Daily News says is mentally unfit".

"... Then what was it drafted for?" asked Brzezinski.

It was an apparent reference to the death of Lori Klausutis, who worked in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach congressional office.

During the 2016 campaign, especially during the primary, "Morning Joe" often praised Trump and predicted he would be successful.

Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Berkland told the St. Petersburg Times that Klausutis lost consciousness because of an abnormal heart rhythm and fell, hitting her head on a desk, which caused her death.

Scarborough released a statement soon after the discovery: "My staff and family are greatly saddened by the loss of Lori Klausutis".

"So now that Matt Lauer is gone when will the Fake News practitioners at NBC be terminating the contract of Phil Griffin?"

Back in July, Scarborough said, "Far be it from me to speculate on the president's state of mind" - before proceeding to speculate on the president's state of mind regarding Russia's interference in the 2016 US election. And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the "unsolved mystery" that took place in Florida years ago?

Online, the reaction was swift, as critics denounced Trump for using Klausutis' tragic death for a Twitter shot at Scarborough, a former Republican who was once a Trump ally but has grown increasingly critical since the former real estate mogul assumed the White House.