US Jet Slides Off Taxiway at Boston Airport

Posted December 27, 2017

The pilot assured the Air Traffic Control that he had the situation under control immediately after the shaky landing. He says that forced it to touch down closer the end of the runway. "Everything's fine. We just skidded on the ice", the pilot responded, when asked whether emergency services would be required, ABC News reported.

Corbett says, despite the terror people felt as they plane slid off the pavement, everyone stayed calm.

"It could have been a lot worse", Brian Heacox told CBS Boston as he recalled the plane fishtailing "until we were looking at the runway that we had just pulled off".

No injuries have been reported among the passengers flying from Savannah, Georgia.

The plane finally came to a stop between two runways. Passengers were jostled, but none were hurt. They were then taken to the airport terminal by bus.

Earlier on Monday departures and arrivals were halted at Logan International for about an hour as snow reduced visibility to near zero, airport officials said. But the runways were later cleared for operations to continue as normal. Heavy snows across the Boston area left thousands without power on Christmas Day.