Woman accused of ruining $300K of artwork while drunk on 1st date

Posted December 29, 2017

Lindy Lou Layman "intentionally and knowingly" damaged multiple pieces of artwork belonging to Anthony Buzbee on December 23, according to Harris County court documents.

When Buzbee purchased the mansion near the River Oaks country club in 2013, it was listed at a record-setting $14 million, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Lindy Lou Layman was accused of causing $300k in damages to artwork on a boozy first date at a Houston attorney's home during which she allegedly flung sculptures across the room and tore pricey paintings off the wall, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Lindy Lou Layman, 'why decline...?'Lindy Lou Layman, 'I told you....'Lindy Lou Layman, 'I'm in the festive mood....'

Buzbee says the two returned to his home, but Layman turned out to be too drunk to continue their date, prompting his call for an Uber.

Lindy Lou Layman was arrested on December 23 on criminal mischief charges after allegedly damaging several painting and sculptures in Anthony Buzbee's River Oaks home. So, he called a second Uber driver, and Layman showed aggression toward that driver.

Layman was charged with criminal mischief and posted a 30,000 bond following her arrest. Police said she also poured some sort of liquid on some of the paintings.

When the Uber arrived, however, Buzbee claims Layman hid in his home so she could stay. "Luckily those weren't damaged", Buzbee added. A LinkedIn page for Layman identifies her as a freelance court reporter. Buzbee is a high-profile attorney who led the defense in former Texas Governor Rick Perry's abuse-of-power case, which was later dismissed.