World's Biggest Starbucks Opening In China

Posted December 06, 2017

Starbucks is opening a new 30,000-square foot, high-end Reserve Roastery in China.

Starbucks has opened a stunning location in China that is 300 times bigger than the average coffee shop.

China has become Starbucks' second largest and fastest growing market, and one the company expects to eclipse the USA market one day. Starbucks promises that customers will be greeted by a multi-sensory coffee experience in an interactive coffee and retail destination like no other.

An augmented reality app is used in the new Starbucks Roastery in Shanghai, China.

"We firmly believe it is our role and responsibility to use our scale to give back to the communities as we continue to grow in China, and with the people of China", Belinda Wong, CEO of Starbucks China, said in a statement. Yet the Reserve Roastery is quite unlike any of the existing 3,000 Starbucks stores throughout China, offering immersive coffee- and tea-focused experiences throughout multiple stories. Revenue from the Asia-Pacific region accounted for nearly 15 percent of Starbucks' revenue for the fiscal year ended in October.

Starbucks is looking to leverage its huge growth in China, which is now the brand's fastest growing market, where a new store opens every 15 hours.

One of the three coffee bars is 88 feet long.

Shanghai is a particularly significant market for Starbucks and its 600 stores make it the largest presence in any city around the globe.

Ratcheting up focus on China, the coffeehouse chain on Wednesday will open its largest cafe in the world. In the third quarter ending October 1, China's comparable store sales grew 8 percent, compared to a 2 percent global growth and 2 percent growth in the US market.

The company, which says it opens a new store every 15 hours across China, is planning to have more than 5,000 cafes by 2021 on the China mainland.

Starbucks increased its China investment during July, when plans were announced to buy out its joint venture partners.