YouTube is Now Testing a Stories Feature

Posted December 01, 2017

The feature is now being rolled out to creators who have over 10,000 YouTube subscribers, so you're probably going to need to have a pretty healthy community of subscribers if you even want to have the option. Keep in mind, however, that the new feature is still in a beta phase of development, with YouTube promising to improve the tool before expanding it on a broader scale in the future, according to Roy Livne, the company's Senior Product Manager.

Unlike what is there in Snapchat or Instagram Stories, YouTube Reels can be saved for as long as creators want.

Reels appears to act more as an add-on feature to a creator's main channel, similar to the social-media-style features in the Community tab that YouTube launched past year for select creators.

YouTube is involved in the testing of a new feature called "Reels".

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Stories Might Become a Part of YouTube Soon

Reels presently is being tested among a small set of YouTube's creators, and the firm has not disclosed about the release date of the "new format" worldwide.

YouTube's team is also adding features such as linking to YouTube videos and YouTube-y stickers to enhance the community-centric experience on the video streaming site. Creators will be able to make short videos with duration extending up to 30 seconds.

Unlike stories found on other apps, these Reels don't expire, so your fans will be able to access them whenever they'd like. However, a report by TechCrunch reports that Reels will be available in a brand-new tab. People want to share content without having to curate, edit and publish a traditional YouTube video. But we will update you when we will get more information about this. These accounts will now have the ability to post text, images, polls, GIFs, and host livestreams for their fans. As to the notifications about new Community posts, Livne said that YouTube made sure these won't be annoying to fans by letting them receive notifications for groups of Community posts instead of individual posts. Users will also have the opportunity to evaluate the Reels, putting them huskies or dslan.