Canadian police attempt to ticket auto made of snow

Posted January 20, 2018

A hilarious photo posted to Facebook shows the lone police officer staring the auto in a snow removal zone.

A vehicle made entirely of snow confuses police officers in Montreal.

Laprise Simon Designs. A resident of the borough Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Laprise spent his Sunday afternoon molding the recently fallen snow into a DeLorean DMC-12, as made famous by the movie Back to the Future. Laprise said that he hoped to prank the snow removal guys. "So I chose to do something out of the mountain of snow, to do a little joke to the snow guys, and have fun sculpting a auto". Laprise said he did it as a joke for the regular snow-clearing patrols.

"You made our evening", the officer wrote, in French, on a ticket posted by Laprise.

The work of art, which loosely resembles an iconic DeLorean, gained a finishing touch in the form of a real windscreen wiper, which Laprise found on the floor while crafting the project.

After finishing, the police drove by to check the snow removal zones around 1 Monday morning when they came across the snowy vehicle.

COPS were left baffled by this "car" parked up in Montreal - and even issued it a ticket.

Laprise, a 33-year-old machinist, still got a ticket - but it was fake just like his auto.

"It was a attractive day", Laprise told Vice.

Five others have been molded in Laprise's car-sculpting past, and it the artist claims that this one won't be his last. "It's fun, it's free and [the snow] keeps its form".