CBP Computer Outage Prompts US Airport Delays

Posted January 03, 2018

It's a rough night for global travelers at Miami worldwide Airport.

The technological failure was caused by an apparent computer outage affecting passport control, with travelers reporting that kiosk machines at customs were not working.

An outage hit the Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) computer systems and left global travellers waiting in long lines at airports throughout the USA last night.

Jennifer Martin stood in line for hours.

Passengers who landed during those hours stood in long, snaking lines at the global arrivals area, trying to get through passport control.

Other passengers experienced similar problems.

A spokesperson tells CBS News that Customs and Border Patrol has been contacted and are investigating.

The outage began around 7:30 p.m. ET, prompting long backups at worldwide arrivals areas in places like Miami, Denver, Dallas and San Francisco. All airports are now back on line.

Making the situation worse is that Monday was a busy day, with a lot of people returning home from the holiday.

Footage has been posted of passengers clogged up in queues as they wait for word on when the computers will be back up and running. "Seems like there's some insane, end of the world thing going on". The case remain under investigation by Homeland Security Investigations special agents.

The department said it was still able to screen travellers using "national security-related databases".

The disruption was not thought to be "malicious in nature", CBP said.