China has Shut Down The Marriott Website

Posted January 14, 2018

China has ordered an investigation after the Marriott hotel chain reportedly listed Tibet as a "country" in an e-mail questionnaire survey.

China temporarily shut down the Chinese website for Marriott International after the hotel chain listed Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau as separate countries in a customer survey.

China's internet regulator, the Shanghai Cyberspace Administration, said Friday on its official WeChat page that after receiving reports from internet users, it had ordered the Chinese operators of and to rectify "illegal contents" on their websites, and to issue a public apology before 6 p.m. local time.

"Marriott International respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China".

China's civil aviation regulator reached out to the USA airline, instructing them to issue an apology and rectify the situation with immediate effect.

China views with Tibet and Taiwan as integral to its territory and reacted furiously to the mistake.

A senior executive from one of the companies involved in the row, who asked not to be named or his employer identified, told the South China Morning Post that the issue was "serious" and that the crisis management cost, in both financial and human resources terms, would be "huge".

"Political stance is the most important part of the brand awareness when foreign companies do businesses here", said Zhu Guangyu, a 44-year-old consumer from Shanghai.

"Hotel companies must immediately review all information on their corporate websites and apps, and strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations to firmly stop such incidents from happening again", it said.

Marriott apologized repeatedly but then compounded its error. Delta wrote an apology on its website, saying that it's sorry "for hurting the feelings of the Chinese people".

The hotel complied with requests from the authorities to delete the references from its online platforms, according to media reports. Hong Kong and Macau are special administrative regions - the former has... Since her inauguration, Chinese visits to Taiwan have fallen significantly and more nations have severed diplomatic ties with the government in Taipei, in favor of Beijing.

The statement said the company has corrected the improper actions and checked its websites and mobile apps for other possible errors and will fully cooperate with investigations launched by the Chinese authorities.