Hackers Using ChaiOS 'Text Bomb' to Crash Macs and iOS Devices

Posted January 19, 2018

The Bug as chaiOS bug: Text the link below, it will freeze the recipient's device, and possibly restart it. http://iabem97.github.io/chaiOS, tweeted Abraham Masri.

The flaw typically causes an iPhone to crash, and on a Mac, makes the Safari browser crash and causes other slowdowns.

In some cases, if messages are in a recurring loop, the app will continue crashing no matter how many times you attempt to open it.

This bug, while not a security issue, is a problem for Apple following the root access flaw in its High Sierra OS for Mac computers.

All you have to do is text a Github link to the phone, and that's that. When trying to load all of this unexpected information, iMessage crashes, sometimes taking the entire operating system down with it.

Masri's original post has since been taken down, but the link may still be floating around, according to BuzzFeed. Twitter user ‏@D3mRid3rOS replied to Masri's text with a Safari link created to fix the problem, but we're not convinced it won't end up harming your device. MacRumors reports that Apple has fixed chaiOS in iOS 11.2.5 beta 6 and Github has gotten rid of the malicious webpage.

A bug has been discovered in iOS that crashes the iMessage app and can freeze or restart your phone when you're sent a specially-engineered website link.

Apple has yet to comment on the issue.

A new bug that targets the iMessage feature on iPhones called "chaiOS" is now floating around. They reported crashes and severe lags as a result of the bugs that persisted until the thread containing the link was deleted from the iMessage app.