Harvey Weinstein Video Shows Restaurant Attack

Posted January 11, 2018

According to TMZ, a man approached Weinstein and asked to take a photo with him after expressing that he enjoyed his movies.

He then reportedly went up to Weinstein and threw two punches, forcing him backwards and nearly off his feet. TMZ reports that a fellow diner, identified as "Steve", nearby asked for a photo and complimented Weinstein, and the disgraced mogul declined.

Steve told TMZ that Weinstein stumbled backward and nearly fell but the restaurant manager said the punches did not connect and that the man was drunk and disorderly.

The incident happened at around 9pm as Weinstein left the restaurant in Scottsdale. The manager also said the two shook hands and Steve went back to his table afterward and that, when the hitting took place later, neither attempted punch connected and Steve was quite drunk.

Weinstein was in Arizona as part of his rehab programme after close to 100 women came forward and accused him of having either sexually harassing, sexually assaulting and in certain cases, raping them.

It seems that one man has had enough of Harvey Weinstein.

In the video, Weinstein's sober coach holds his hand up to the camera and repeatedly says, "Don't do that". Video of the incident, obtained by TMZ, shows Weinstein stumbling in shock before gaining his footing. However, the manager of the restaurant said neither attempts made contact with the former Miramax owner.

Weinstein wasn't injured during the incident, and declined to press charges, ABC News reports.

Weinstein has been coming to Arizona since a New York Times story exposed him as a serial sexual predator.