How to Disable Instagram's New Activity Status Feature

Posted January 21, 2018

The feature can only enable the list of friends followed by a person and those who receive direct messages to see last seen status.

Just like with Whatsapp (also owned by Facebook) once you turn off your activity status, or last seen, you won't be able to see other people's either.

This "Activity Status" is going to horrify a lot of us who appreciate a little privacy when being public, so the knee-jerk reaction for almost every user who has seen it has been: "how do I turn it off?" That is, unless you disable the feature, which we suspect a lot of you will want to do.

We can imagine scenarios where this feature might get people in trouble or cause hard feelings: If someone DMs you, for instance, and you don't respond right away, but they can see you're using the app, they might jump to the conclusion that you don't want to talk to them.

A new update on Instagram allows users to see when their followers have been active - and the move angered many users who said the Instagram update is creepy. Instagram, however, did not have such feature up until now.

Alongside adding new features, Instagram is testing a security feature on its app.

Unlike WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Instagarm is more like a photo blog, where one can share photos with friends and followers. Simply turn that toggle off, and your activity status will remain private.

However, Instagram is changing things up when it comes to it's DM feature. While it may seem useful if you're tracking someone (in a non-stalker way we hope), without context, it can lead to issues if someone who sends you a DM that you didn't respond to sees you are still now active.

When checking the profile of someone you don't follow, but who follows you, Instagram now shows a "Follow Back" option instead of the simple "Follow".

Your favorite social media app has developed a new feature. This feature rolled out for Android users first, but it's now available on iOS as well.