Israel Reportedly Aims to Bar 20 Organizations From Country Over Boycott Calls

Posted January 09, 2018

Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs published a list Sunday of the 20 entities that will be banned from entering the country after Israel's parliament approved legislation to deny entry visas to foreign nationals who call for or promote any kind of boycott.

Israel's newly-published "blacklist" of NGOs whose activists are barred from entry is reminiscent of Apartheid South Africa, a legal rights group has declared. Corbyn is a long-time supporter of the group which describes him as a "tireless" pro-Palestine campaigner. "Boycott organizations need to know that Israel will act against them and will not allow [them] to enter its territory in order to harm its citizens".

"The UK government must condemn this latest crackdown on human rights defenders".

He called the Israeli move similar to the tactics used by the apartheid regime in South Africa when it tried to censor critics.

The project will work to counter BDS pressure applied to artists, performers, and commercial enterprises not to engage with Israel.

Head of the Zionist Union faction Avi Gabbay leads a faction meeting at the Knesset
Head of the Zionist Union faction Avi Gabbay leads a faction meeting at the Knesset

"Hugh Lanning, the chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: "[The campaign] should be a wake-up call for the United Kingdom government and all those who continue to describe Israel as a normal, liberal democracy.

Responding to news of the blacklist, Gary Spedding, a British cross-party consultant on Israel and the Palestinian Territories, told The Independent the blacklist was merely an excuse to legally justify barring activists and human rights observers from entering the country. Only states that wish to protect their ability to act unjustly behave in this way.

The blacklist came out shortly after a letter was signed by 100 artists in support of New Zealand pop artist Lorde, who made a decision to cancel her Israel concert this summer amid BDS-pressure.

In the years since its formation, the BDS movement has persuaded several church organizations to divest themselves of Israel-related investments and has garnered support on USA college campuses. He called the blacklist "another step in our battle against the incitement and lies spread by the boycott groups".

"The anti-Israel boycott campaign seeks not to promote peace but to undermine Israel's national security and existence", said minister Gilad Erdan. "But I am also heartened by this indicator of the BDS movement's growing strength, and hope that it will bring the day closer when just as I go to visit my friends and family in Israel, so will Palestinian friends and colleagues be able to return home", Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace executive director, said in a statement issued Saturday.