Oakland Raiders Next Year's Super Bowl Odds Improve to 20/1

Posted January 14, 2018

Gruden's rapid hiring - first rumored before his predecessor, Jack Del Rio, had officially been fired - prompted some question whether the team complied with the NFL's "Rooney Rule", which mandates a team interview minority candidates for any head coaching opening.

In any case, Gruden's return to the Raiders is big news in football. They're all young and were all high draft picks the last couple of years, but the three of them haven't had the impact they were originally expected to have. I'm not going to do a full seven rounds, but let's take a look at a four-round mock that could help reload this Oakland roster in Gruden's first year with the team.

"He came back to the Raiders for a similar reason that I did", Gruden said.

The former ESPN broadcaster will circle the wagons back to an organization he never wanted to leave. Whoever it is, they'll embark on a mission with Gruden who has "unfinished business" with the Raiders. "I feel a lot of loyalty and responsibility to get the Raiders going again". Get more consistent and come up with an offense that really allows him to soar in another level, but it's exciting.

People often say that the National Football League is all about wins and losses. The Patriots went on to the Super Bowl, while the Raiders were sent home. I'm going to do everything I can.

Davis said. "And by far to get Jon Gruden was the toughest".

Davis told a group of reporters after the press conference that he essentially got Gruden to agree to coach the team as early as Christmas Eve, after having reached out in October/November.

No one used the G-word in regard to Carr this season, when the Raiders were 6-10 and their $125 million leader regressed from the 2016 campaign that earned him such lifetime security. "All I know is that this year I'm going to be coaching in Oakland, and next year I'm going to be coaching in Oakland". Gruden spoke passionately about his love for the city of Oakland and how he's hoping to deliver two memorable seasons for the fans before the team makes the move to Las Vegas. - Jon Gruden, on Marshawn Lynch.

Gruden spent the last nine years as a TV analyst for "Monday Night Football", during which he said he tried to set up conversations with Lynch but was rebuffed.

The Raiders had major drops in scoring (26 to 18.8), yards per game (373.3 to 324.1) and committed twice as many turnovers (14 to 28) this season as Carr took a major step back in his development after signing a $125 million, five-year extension in the offseason. "And how long I stay here will be determined by how well we play", Gruden said. With the system we are going to put in place, it's going to demand a lot from him. So, I'm not sure why he's considered some quarterback genius. Gruden dealt with Al Davis back then, with Mark not involved in Raiders operations.

Gruden brings intensity to the sideline and the meeting rooms that made him a fan favorite in his first stint, earning him the nickname "Chucky" after the character in the 1980s slasher movie "Child's Play".

McKenzie's presence answered one question about Gruden's return to the franchise - specifically, who will be working alongside Gruden in Oakland's front office. "No guarantees, no promises, but I want to win". They're going to get him.